SUDPLAN workshop on Climate Change and Urban Planning

In 11-12 October 2012 the SUDPLAN tool was presented on a workshop in Wuppertal, Germany. Some 40 professionals involved in urban planning were given three keynote lectures addressing the challenges of urban planning, the reliability of downscaled climate scenarios and human aspects of using tools for environmental decisions.

With this perspective as a background, the SUDPLAN system and the results worked out by the four project pilots were presented. The second day offered four live demonstrations where the participants were able to consult and discuss the SUDPLAN tool and even upload own data for downscaling of future conditions in their home cities.

The SUDPLAN tool aims at supporting decisions in urban planning, taking into consideration the expected effects of climate change. The presentations and videos shown at the workshop can be downloaded here below.


SUPLAN workshop Wuppertal event programme

Presentations day 1

SUDPLAN workshop Wuppertal 02

1. Climate change and challenges in urban, Stefan Greiving

2. Providing reliable estimates of Regional Climate change (for Europe), Colin Jones

3. Environmental Decision Support Systems: A Human Factors Perspective, Steven P. Frysinger

4. Sustainable Urban Development Planner for Climate Change Adaptation, Lars Gidhagen

5. Environmental models used in Common Services, Jonas Olsson et al.

6. Scenario Management System, Sascha Schlobinski

7. Advanced Visualisation in SUDPLAN, Frank Michel

8. Linz Pilot, Günter Gruber et al.

9. The SUDPLAN Wuppertal Pilot, Stefan Sander

10. Stockholm pilot, Christer Johansson

11. Czech Regional Pilot: Air Quality in Prague, Jan Mertl and Vladislav Bízek

Presentations day 2

SUDPLAN workshop Wuppertal 03


SUDPLAN workshop Wuppertal Pan-European Common Service


SUDPLAN workshop Rainfall Common Service


SUDPLAN workshop Wuppertal Hydrology demo 01

Air Quality

SUDPLAN workshop Wuppertal Air Quality demo

Wuppertal pilot

SUDPLAN Wuppertal pilot video English

SUDPLAN Wuppertal pilot video German

Linz pilot

SUDPLAN workshop Wuppertal Linz demo