Output on the Pan-European scale

The Pan-European data are used as input to the downcaling of rainfall, hydrological conditions and air quality. SUDPLAN offer spatial visualization and time series export of this data.

The data available at present (January 2012) are as follows.

Climate data on the Pan-European scale

Output precipitation and temperature from a regional climate model (SMHIs RCA3 model, see Kjellström et al., 2011) with resolution 50x50 km over Europe, with temporal resolution according to the following table. Note that the 30-min data will not be possible to visualize or export, they are only used as input to rainfall downscaling.

SUDPLAN Output PE 01

The regional scenarios are based on GCM model outputs:

  • ECHAM5 (Roeckner et al., 2006; version: initialization 3), using A1B emission scenario (Nakićenović et al., 2000)
  • HADCM3 (Gordon et al., 2000; version: climate sensitivity Q0), using A1B emission scenario (Nakićenović et al., 2000)

More scenarios will be added during 2012.

Air Quality data on the Pan-European scale

Output from SMHIs MATCH model (Robertson et al., 1999) on a 50x50 km grid, based on the following input data.

SUDPLAN Output PE 02

The available temporal resolution of the data is given in the following table.

SUDPLAN Output PE 03

Hydrological data on the Pan-European scale

Output from SMHIs HYPE model (Lindström et al. 2010) using 35457 catchment areas with an average size of 214 km2. Available scenarios and postprocessing as stated in the following table.

SUDPLAN Output PE 04

The temporal resolution of the output is according to the following table.

SUDPLAN Output PE 05


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