Output of air quality downscaling

The downscaling will generate gridded time series of future air pollution in the urban background.

The SUDPLAN Scenario Management System user interface allows the user to execute a downscaling for a certain geographical domain, for a certain year within the period covered by the Pan-European input data and with a particular set of emission grids for the local area of interest (link to input).

The following recommendations are given to users of SUDPLAN CS air quality downscaling:

  • Simulation period: Up to one calendar year (no change in year allowed).
  • Geographical area and spatial grid: Resolution down to 1x1 km, preferably not more than 100x100 cells (calculation time depends strongly on the number of grid cells).

Each downscaling result will contain averaged ground level concentration data (in µgm-3) according to the following table. Data can be visualized spatially (gridded data over map layer) and time series can be generated by clicking in the map.

SUDPLAN Output AQ 01